• Custom Design
  • SEO
  • Content Management System
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • .NET
  • Unlimited Pages
  • ASP .NET
  • PHP
  • Any Server


  • Custom Design
  • SEO
  • Content Management System
  • 24x7 Support
  • Shopping Cart
  • Hundreds of other features
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited products
  • Full featured cart
  • Host it Anywhere

Techwave.com offers entire front-to-back E-commerce solutions, software and tools necessary for a customer to finish purchasing transactions. No matter what a client desires, we have the perfect working solution. We offer a range of E-commerce solutions meeting specific requirements comprising of complete E-store hosting and maintenance, tools to pull costs, taxes, shipping, stock and overall order transactions, Web and e-mail order process, faster checkout, Electronic System Delivery (ESD), credit card processing, web client service response and a specialized IT team to solve any kind of technical problems. Each task gets a project manager based in U.S.A for the project. All contracts and transactions are done with the U.S.A based company with a great record of accomplishment on completing projects on time, 35 professionally designed and customizable templates in five colors and high Credit Rating by Dunn Bradstreet. Now you can sell instant down -loadable digital goods and get hassle-free inventory control management. We accept credit card payments via 42 integrated real-time payment gateways, help kick start your own affiliate program and recruit affiliates immediately.


Software Development

Techwave is a complete E-commerce solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Our company workers encompass a big group of people with expert knowledge that crosses many platform, languages, industries and devices. Our project managers and engineers have hands on experience in developing drivers, applications and algorithms. This makes it rather easy to get quality work done that involves integration and analysis of the end result.


Techwave offers software development packages for both leading corporate and e-commerce package for more advanced features and a fully equipped online shopping cart. The custom and e-commerce packages come supported by Jhoomla, Wordpress, Dot NET, unlimited pages, CMS and more. The e-commerce package has advanced features with a shopping cart, hundreds of features for business needs and 24x7 support.


E-commerce Solutions for Existing E-commerce Website

We can build a complete E-store for you. All you have to do is add a "BUY NOW" button to your current website. The E-store setup can therefore be done in a minute's time. Customers can then place orders through a reliable E-commerce system with optimum security guaranteed, get on-time prompt verification of product available in the online store, its pricing, the tax calculations, order placement and confirmation, total price transactions and shipping.


Are you looking for a shopping cart for your existing website and do not know where to obtain one? Do not think twice as Techwave gives an online shopping cart solution where your website can be easily integrated with Techwave shopping cart solutions.


Cross Platform

Do you want an answer to the technical queries you have that will enable you to work across Windows, Linux and Mac operating system or any other platform you choose? Or In need of a Java based app for the operating systems to access? We have it for you at Techwave.com. Just a call and our representatives can help you out.


Get More Information

Do you want a solution that goes beyond the technical expertise you have? You have an idea as to what will be the final result of the project but are unsure about the ways to reach that ultimate goal. Shed off your worries as we help you reach the target and get the right match for your business. Do you want a formula, PC model or neural net? We have all essentials needed to know and put into use for quality development that generates nothing but profitable results for your E-business.


Technological Expertise

Our Programming Languages include - ASP , PHP, Perl, Cold Fusion, JSP, SQL, XML/XSL, JavaScript, VBScript, Java, HTML/DHTML, UML, WML, C/C++ (STL, STLPort, OTL, ATL, MFC, ICQ), Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, Flash, COM/DCOM/ActiveX, Windows Interfaces (ADO, DAO, ODBC, RDO, OO40, OLE), RDBMS, WAP, CGI, ISAPI.


GUI Art and More

Do you need GUI art to finish a project? Do you need another pair of eyes to do testing? Do you have an SDK but need someone to build an application or plug-in around it? Techwave is the right destination and will prove fruitful with a team backed by exceptional support to help ease off technical glitches. We take care of the GUI Art, graphics you want for a project with application development and testing.


Enterprises Solutions

Techwave.com effective enterprise E-commerce software package, is powered by trade leading technology and a very beneficial enterprise solution that can simply get integrated, deployed and maintained. Our specialized enterprise solutions enable quick deployment of subtle e-commerce solutions that integrate with important business systems for efficient sales and fulfillment processes. This in turn, drives online sales with an upscale shopper expertise complemented by advanced discounting, up sell, and promotional options and Microsoft SQL Server database or Oracle 10i offers stability across load-balanced and redundant net servers. The enterprise modules extend Techwave’s technology e-commerce solutions to satisfy businesses and their integration requirements. Enterprise solutions involve designing, custom development and services that train professionals to guarantee speedy implementation at no start-up fee for the enterprise e-commerce solutions.


Services Fulfilling More Demanding Customer Needs

Online customers have become more sophisticated and less tolerant. They are more informed and have higher expectations than ever before. Governments have released new shopping cart, E-commerce laws and website browsers are changing constantly. Internet search engines such as Google continuously adjust the ways in which they list websites.


We stay on top to make sure that E-commerce remains easy for you, we have to constantly develop and improve our solutions. This means adding new functions and features, reviewing how Techwave works and adjusting functions to make them comply with new laws.


World of Experience

Keeping a big E-commerce solution such as Techwave up to date with the fast developing world of E-commerce is a big task. It requires a lot of experience, dedication, stamina and forward thinking. Why we have seen many E-commerce solution providers come and go? We did not just grow where we are today by chance. Most of our income goes straight back into development - so we can provide you with the best E-commerce and shopping cart solutions possible. Moreover, most of our development relies on much more than our own experience.

You can create your own E-store and manage your online inventory of products as well as your complete accounting system. In fact, you can manage every one of your business processes online, which you are doing at your local system and can access the real time info anywhere, anytime. You can migrate all your local computing to web and manage everything online. Just take a Free Trial and you will be surprised by the services we are offering. We know the future of all business processes lies within web and everything online has to become faster, as faster information means faster decisions, which means better Sales, Profits and much more.

We provide complete solutions for order fulfillment including inventory management, shipping, warehousing with more than 500,000sqft of warehousing in Los Angeles. We are fully integrated with UPS and FedEx with bulk distribution solutions. From storage, order fulfillment to customer service, we have complete solutions for E-commerce, distributors and other companies. We are there for you with our IT Outsourcing Requirements.

Solve all your business needs with Techwave E-commerce customized solutions. Call 1-877-792-2075 for a free consultation and for an online store in less than 24 hours. Get customization through NeoOrange solutions with 24X7 live support.