Our Services

Your search is over! Techwave.com gives complete E-commerce solution services, which provides a quick, fast and smooth E-commerce store. Techwave's shopping cart software give all solutions for building, updating and the maintaining of your online store. Looking for E-commerce solution which is user friendly, easy to maintain and provides an enriching shopping experience for your customers? Just come to Techwave. Techwave builds a complete E-commerce store, which empowers you to sell online. Our team at Techwave believes in perfection, quality and customer satisfaction.


Techwave, an E-commerce site, has developed a customized, web site designed templates. All the designs are customized to the needs of the customer. The designs are exclusively made according to the products on the site. Choose from more than 100 websites-designed templates.


24 X 7 E-commerce Host

If you use one of the "bundled" carts that come with your website hosting, what happens if that host does not work out? What if you move your site to another host, your shopping cart does not work anymore? With Techwave, you can move whenever you need to, and your Techwave shopping cart will keep right on working, even during that difficult "transition period".

Techwave believes in giving quality services along with quantity. The support team at Techwave is available 24 hours and 7 days a week. Contact us through e-mail, live chat or call 1-877-792-2075.


Back Office Support Services

Techwave, a complete E-commerce solution provides back office, such as support personnel help desk, verify credit cards and answer calls. Call now 1-877-792-2075 to customize back office support with Neo orange for 24x7-support service.


Automatically Download Electronic Products

If you sell PDF documents, software files, images, E-books etc., this feature is for you. Let the store automatically deliver your electronic files to the customers so you do not have to. Upon successful purchase, your customer is given a link to download their product. That link is automatically protected so that the purchaser cannot send it to friends.


Free Shopping Cart for a limited time.

Have you been looking for an E-commerce solution that allows you to quickly and easily set up your E-commerce store and start selling immediately? Your search is over! With Techwave, you can literally create your E-commerce store with built-in software within minutes just by pointing & clicking. With our secure edits, it is easy and fast with no banner advertising.


SSL for your store

Share certificate is free for all but if you are interested in individual certificates, get it right from Techwave.


Database and Server Support

Our Databases:

  • MS SQL
  • DBase Clones
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Paradox
  • Interbase
  • Informix


Our Servers:

IIS, Apache, Tomcat, Web Logic, Web Sphere, iPlanet, Dynamo, Borland, JRun, NES


Database-Driven Shopping Cart- Easy Online Store Management & Administration

Retrieve & access your complete database – Import & Export using Excel spreadsheet: Review and Manage your transaction records through online retrieval of your website database: sales, orders, visitors, shipments, payments, customers, and inventory control. Domain and E-Mail account management. Print Labels and Track shipments. Use our integrated E-commerce tools to promote your website and generate more sales. Analyze visitor statistics to improve marketing - Froogle submission - PPC conversion tracking for Google Ad-words and Yahoo.


Our shopping cart software offers the tools you need to build an online business - flexible storefront design, E-commerce inventory control, order management, customer relationship management and web analytics. Techwave is also equipped with UPS, USPS and FedEx shipping calculation, search engine friendly product pages, sidebar shopping cart, newsletter management and more. See our full Shopping Cart feature list.


Multimedia Presentations

Techwave knows that the best software or website is not good enough unless it is presented well. We also know there are few people who create an icon, interface, or a button that conveys an idea about its function. Our company has evolved its custom graphics department to keep up with the more and more complicated elements that websites and application require to be competitive.


Web Site Art

Do you have a web site that looks bland, out of date, or just needs a new look? Do you want a graphic or button that defines what you do? Do you need to update your artwork or images on your web site?


Application Graphic Services

Do you want an application to have the look that Apple, Microsoft or Adobe have in their applications? Do you have trouble creating icons and buttons that look good at small sizes or different views? Do you need to add some color to your user interface? Does your product need a refresh?


Flash/3D Max Design

We can create a Flash/3D Max presentation for your company and website. Our designers are already working with a number of USA based clients for their Graphics/Flash needs.


Customer Services

Techwave.com client service team has been on the front line for its best ever and successfully made merchandise ever launched, together with the Palm Pilot. The customer service team is polite in its conduct and professionally trained to solve technical glitches as well as grave issues that are hampering working of software at a particular time of use and mitigating any possibility of occurrence of the error in the long run.


We have the best sales representative team in the industry as well as accurate and expedient services. It is a matter of time for our representative in taking orders, replying to queries, tracking orders already in process and delivered orders and the best RMA. We are on record for best customer services resulting in higher levels of satisfaction and success for customers.


Techwave's high capability and scalable call center telephone system incorporating ability based services and routing of your calls to the most qualified and trained representatives for economical, prime quality service. Our representatives provide services for both Domestic and International customers twenty four hours a day, seven days every week and twelve months a year. It is guaranteed that we will be at our best with the customer service we provide.


We provide customer care services for:
  • Phone Orders
  • Online Live Chat
  • Pre-sales Queries
  • Email and Fax Correspondence
  • Inside sales
  • Direct Mail Processing
  • Upgrade Order Process
  • Shipment Following
  • Order/Account Standing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Technical Support
  • Literature Requests
  • Back Office Management and Accounting with Secure Administration


Data Entry

Techwave.com provides data entry services to its clients. In a way, the company solely supplies the simplest, prime quality services to assist in building and nurturing glorious client relationships for the success of your business.



Whatever your business, from manufacturing to publishing, your core specialty is not getting your goods in your customers' hands. Experts in fulfillment have years of knowledge, experience, and economical systems in place that companies like yours are able to capitalize upon to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue savings that go directly to your bottom-line. Outsourcing your fulfillment allows your company to focus on its core competencies to develop new products, grow market share and increase revenues.


From a pure Cost-Efficiency standpoint, outsourcing can:

  • Reduce your labor costs considerably.
  • Eliminate the need to lease warehouse space.
  • Cut expenses i.e. rent, insurance, equipment, supplies and utilities.
  • Costs tied directly to activity -- variable costs vs. fixed costs.
  • Ultimately lower overall costs with increased efficiency
  • Full Control


By outsourcing your fulfillment, you will benefit from lower overall operating costs, state-of-the-art technology and systems, increased efficiency, controlled overhead costs and scalability.



  • Assisting clients to make business cost effective: BPO provides associate accounting advantages which involves money engineering with relevancy to assets, workers and infrastructure.
  • Economy of scale - BPO provides the pliability to respond back to a fast paced ever changing marketplace and scale operations up or down as conditions dictate
  • Innovation and speed to market- Ability of the outsourcer to do things which an organization cannot do on its own or does not have the domain expertise
  • Availability of trained personnel- This additionally increases the standard of service. Outsourcing a method suggests there is no need for the client to manage the employee count. Recruiting and holding talent in a very tight market is tough. The extent of the problem will increase with the specialized information needed. The provider, on the opposite hand, is adept at attracting the skilled and therefore the brightest in its field.
  • High quality practices- Our clients have rapid access to high quality practices at the outsourcer's end. Therefore there is no looking back and guaranteed customer satisfaction, more efficient operations by focused effort on customer service by the outsourcer.
  • Using the time difference in your favor- We support and provide maintenance services. We ensure shorter project delivery times owing to the experience of the provider with relation to transition of business processes.
  • Business risk Mitigation- We believe in capitalizing on the outsourcer's knowledge of local laws, infrastructure, processes and expertise.
  • Better management of operations- The Internal resources will currently specialize in core client service processes.
  • Expert handling of Grave Tasks- You may have instant access to the developer, manage the outcomes of the project, assign tasks Our hard-working IT professionals and training managers can ensure that will fulfill your visions. Assign work to our professionals and relax as we help grow your business.


Techwave.com has development centers in USA, to supply you 24/7 hour service thus, investing in the benefits of varied time zones for utmost client involvement leading to satisfaction and constant trust in our services.