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Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Recovery Manager is a platform independent utility for coordinating your backup and restoration procedures across multiple servers. It works well with multiple platforms. The reporting manager functionality at Techwave.com will never let you land up in situations where your data is in danger due to failed backups.

There is an ever growing demand on performance, manageable backup and data recovery for all Oracle data formats which is taken care of thereby freeing dependency on OS and SQL*Plus scripts. The  database procedures before and after backup or restoring are dealt with greater reliability, high availability and with disaster recovery strategies that are very fulfilling with dependable data backup, restore, and recovery procedures. Oracle Recovery Manager at Techwave is a command-line and Enterprise Manager-based tool,  for  efficient back up and recovery of Oracle database and a tool that is  designed to work on a thorough basis with the server and provides with block-level corruption detection capability.

Optimized performance and space consumption during backup with file multiplexing and backup set compression, and integration with Oracle Secure Backup is a pre-requisite today especially in a scenario where database is vulnerable with security threats and injection and the RMAN feature at Techwave.com is the one of its kind that provides a common interface for backup tasks across different host operating systems, offers features not available through user-managed methods, such as parallelization of backup/recovery data streams, backup files retention policy, and detailed history of all backups.


The recovery manager has the following underlying features:-

  • Create Recovery Catalog
  • Register Database
  • Full Backup
  • Restore & Recover The Whole Database
  • Restore & Recover A Subset Of The Database
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Lists And Reports
ecommerce web host
ecommerce hosting
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ecommerce web site design
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